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visit our website ABN: 60 152 815 882 Fabrication Top View Side view Front view of main hoop Forward leg Forward leg Forward leg Dash bar rear leg rear leg rear leg 1st roof diag 2nd roof diag windscreen header bar ‘A’ Pillar bar main hoop main hoop 1st main hoop diag 2nd main hoop diag Harness bar Hoop to rear leg bar Hoop to rear leg bar Main hoop horizontal  Door intrusion bar 1st Door intrusion bar Forward leg brace 1st rear diag 2nd rear diag Hoop to rear leg bar 2nd Door intrusion bar Top View Forward leg Forward leg Dash bar rear leg rear leg windscreen header bar main hoop Harness bar Hoop to rear leg bar Door intrusion bar ‘V’ roof diag ‘V’ rear diag Hoop to rear leg bar This is a simple illustration to show the lay out and names of the  most common bars used in a CAMS/FIA Roll cage. These simple  drawings do not show gusseting which is required and/or  recommended when adding a second (cut) bar, as in the roof  diagonals, main hoop diagonals, double door intrusion bars, etc.    - A Trackart base level 6 point roll cage includes all the bars that are shown with the black lines. Not all of them are a ‘must’ have by CAMS  -The lines shown in gray are the most common of the extra bars that people ask for, or need, depending on the type of events that you may wish to do KEY:- For more information on additional bars (including going into  the engine bay), and general pricing, please contact us, and  we will be happy to talk about what your options are while  keeping in mind your budget and goals for your car!   6 point roll cages are also tagged to the car body at the ‘A’ pillar (down the side of the windscreen) and when possible, at the ‘B’ pillar as well.   All Cams Approved roll cage are fitted with there own unique serial number, which states, company, date of roll cage build,  type of roll cage, and roll cage number.
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