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www.trackart.com.au Services....   -Roll cages (350or4130) -Custom Exhausts, & Extractors -Harness Bars -Tube Bending -TIG Welding -MIG Welding -Mild steel -CDS/CDW -Chrome Moly -Stainless steel -Aluminium  -Mounting Harnesses -Seat Mounting -Panel Modifications -Fitting Bonnet Pins -Inner door Panels -Aluminium Floor plates -Seam Welding -Tow Points -Fitting Fire Bombs & fire extinguishers -General metal welding
                     Unit 13, 6-7 Nicole Close Bayswater North,Vic 3153                   Monday-Friday by appointment
Aluminium Fabrication at Trackart -Custom Fuel tanks -Surge tanks -Catch cans -Sump modifications -Cam cover modifications -Floor plates -Under trays -Rear diffusers -Rear fire walls -Custom interiors -inner door trims -General aluminium welding -More details can be found on our website -Look at photo’s of these builds and installs on the Trackart facebook page(links to the facebook page can be found on our website). Shown here is the under trays we did on a Porsche 933, a front undertray on a BMW M3 and the full interior fit out in a Nissan 200sx S15 national ADGP car.