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Fabrication at Trackart Trackart custom fabrication specializes in the weird and unusual, as well as small and simple to full car fabrication. A 2 second weld or a 6 month full rebuild! You can tell us what your after, or tell us your problem and let us figure it out.  While anything can be done, it is limited by both time and budget, so it’s important to find a simple solution, and in most cases, this also ends up being the best solution! We are happy to spend the time with you to run through as many options as possible, and in some cases, even recommending sourcing things yourself and/or using another companies services if we can not meet your time/budget restrictions, especially in small production run items, as we specialize in custom, one off jobs. There is no such thing as a silly question, and if we can help you out, we’d love too! Because all our fabrication work is unique/custom and usually one off, it is impossible to give a quote in time or cost, so when it comes to doing a fabrication job it is worked out based on a hourly rate, and with this, Fabrication jobs are ALL based on a per hour rate, 0 to 2hrs are at $120/hr plus gst 2 to 4hrs are at $110/hr plus gst 4 to 8hrs are at $100/hr plus gst and    8+  hrs are at $90/hr plus gst
Services....    -Tube Bending -TIG Welding -MIG Welding -Mild steel -CDS/CDW -Chrome Moly -Stainless steel -Aluminium  -Harness Bars -Mounting Harnesses -Seat Mounting -Panel Modifications -Fitting Bonnet Pins -Inner door Panels -Aluminium Floor plates -Seam Welding -Custom Exhausts, & Extractors -Tow Points -Fitting Fire Bombs & fire extinguishers -General metal welding
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