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Custom exhausts at Trackart -All our exhaust systems are hand made and TIG welded. -Mild steel and stainless steel. -Custom laser cut flanges available if off the shelf ones are not. -Joins in the exhaust system can be - Slip joints - bolted flanges - V band joints -Welds can be left seen, or buffed and polished off to leave a seamless exhaust system -Custom dump pipes and extractors/headers, catalytic converters, resonators, mufflers and full exhaust systems from engine port to exhaust tip including exhaust hangers. We won’t start telling you what you need, as we did not build your engine, nor did we tune it (we leave that to those that specialize in engine building/tuning). There are however a few general rules that can help you decide what you are after. For example, Equal length pipes are good if you are chasing peak power in a narrow range Un-equal length pipes are good for a good power spread through the rev range, but a lower peak power. Tuned length pipes are nice, but if the length isn’t right, then the extractors will end up costing a lot of time and money for no real gains! The only real ways to get the best out of tuned length is to, 1)get the lengths from an experienced engine builder of your particular engine that has already tested and tried exhaust extractors with your set up, or 2)Set up a set of slide pipes(to adjust the pipe length before the collector) to find that magic length for your engine while it is on the dyno at the revs you are aiming for. So whether your chasing looks, purpose, or just want to get the gasses out the back of the car, we are happy to talk about making the exhaust system that is right for you. Looking at options as well as recommendations.
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