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FAQ’s Q : What type of Roll cage do I need? A :         The first thing to think about is what do you want to do with your car (what events)? Also,              Is your car registered and/or does it still need to be?              Do you plan to do events that will need a co-driver or just driver only?              These are 3 of the main things you need to think about when thinking of a bolt in roll cage versus a weld in roll cage, and 4 point roll cage, 6 point roll cage or 8 point+ roll cage Q :What "extras" may add to the cost of my roll cage? A:             Remove and refit the interior.               Painting/Powder coating               In the case of a 6 point roll cage               Remove and refit the windscreen               Remove, refit and trim the dash board               Modify interior panels if needed Any 'special' requests that are not covered under the standard roll cage          requirements (camera and window net mounts, etc...) You are welcome to do any or all of these extra's yourself if you wish to save some money. Q:How long will it take to build the roll cage? A:            Depending on the cage, but in general a 4 point roll cage takes 2 - 4 days and a 6 point roll cage takes 4 - 8 days all depending on how many bars you are after and how much 'extra' work is needed Q:Do I get the CAMS paperwork with my roll cage? A:            YES, with all CAMS and FIA approved roll cages you get the paperwork included Q:If I get a 4 point roll cage now, can I make it a 6 point roll cage later? A:            No, When we build a 6 point roll cage, we build the front half first in order to make sure all the roof bars are fully welded. Then once in place, we build the back of the roll cage. Q:Can I add bars to my roll cage later? A:            Yes and no               We can't add roof bars later, but most other bars can be added later. However as far as cost goes, it can cost more in the long run to add more bars later once you add in re-painting, prep work, and in some cases, removing some of the interior again.              We don't add to, or modify a roll cage that was not made by us originally! Q:Why does a bolt in roll cage cost more? A:           A bolt in roll cage uses more materials and take more time to make. For example,   there are double the floor plates needed, and the roll cage usually needs to be   made into several parts so that it can be removed from the car through the door.
Q:Why get Trackart to build my roll cage? A:          All our roll cages are custom made to suit both the driver and vehicle,              All our roll cages are fully TIG welded, except for the floor plates that weld onto your car, these are MIG welded.              All our roll cages come with CAMS paperwork upon job completion and payment in full.              You can follow the build of your car/roll cage on our company Facebook page              You can supply your car from an empty shell through to a complete and standard road car (this just varies the cost)              You can request any special additions to suit your individual needs (eg, camera mounts, window net holders, etc...)              With a 6 point roll cage (or more), upon payment and in addition to the CAMS paperwork, you get a USB stick with all the photo's we take of the build of your car. So you can see all the work and how it was done. Q:What are Trackart’s hourly rates? A:    Roll cages are on a bar by bar basis and you will need to contact us with the roll cage layout in order to get a fixed price on your roll cage. Fabrication and all other work is at an hourly rate. Depending on the size of the job as well as if you need it done immediately (jump ahead of others/priority). Our prices range from $90+gst/hr up to $110+gst/hr. All Fabrication work will NOT be quoted, but rather, estimated on cost, and you WILL be contacted as your job progresses so you know exactly how you are going in both progress and budget! Q:Do I need to pay a deposit? A    Only jobs that are $3,000 and over require a 1/3 of total bill estimation to cover material costs, etc....and the balance is required at the completion of the job. In some cases Progress payment are required depending on the size of the job. ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST. Q:What payment methods does Trackart accept? A:    We accept Cash, Eftpos, Credit card, Bank transfer, Bank cheque.    Personal/business cheques will be accepted, with prior arrangement, but must be cleared before collection of goods/vehicle!
Home Roll Cages Fabrication Image Gallery Customer Feedback Video's & Links About Us Faqs cage layout ABN: 60 152 815 882 Fabrication Top View Side view Front view of main hoop Forward leg Forward leg Forward leg Dash bar rear leg rear leg rear leg 1st roof diag 2nd roof diag windscreen header bar A Pillar bar main hoop main hoop 1st main hoop diag 2nd main hoop diag Harness bar Hoop to rear leg bar Hoop to rear leg bar Main hoop horizontal  Door intrusion bar 1st Door intrusion bar Forward leg brace 1st rear diag 2nd rear diag Hoop to rear leg bar 2nd Door intrusion bar Top View Forward leg Forward leg Dash bar rear leg rear leg windscreen header bar main hoop Harness bar Hoop to rear leg bar Door intrusion bar V roof diag V rear diag Hoop to rear leg bar This is a simple illustration to show the lay out and names of the  most common bars used in a CAMS/FIA Roll cage. These simple  drawings do not show gusseting which is required and/or  recommended when adding a second (cut) bar, as in the roof  diagonals, main hoop diagonals, double door intrusion bars, etc.    - A Trackart base level 6 point roll cage includes all the bars that are shown with the black lines. Not all of them are a must have by CAMS  -The lines shown in gray are the most common of the extra bars that people ask for, or need, depending on the type of events that you may wish to do KEY:- For more information on additional bars (including going into  the engine bay), and general pricing, please contact us, and  we will be happy to talk about what your options are while  keeping in mind your budget and goals for your car!   6 point roll cages are also tagged to the car body at the A pillar (down the side of the windscreen) and when possible, at the B pillar as well.   All Cams Approved roll cage are fitted with there own unique serial number, which states, company, date of roll cage build,  type of roll cage, and roll cage number.   Roll cage layout page Home Roll Cages Fabrication Image Gallery Customer Feedback Video's & Links About Us Faqs Home Roll Cages Fabrication Image gallery Video's & links About us/Contact us FAQ's Site map Cams & Fia Roll cages
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