ABN: 60 152 815 882, Ph:(03)9761 6838, Unit 13/6-7 Nicole Close Bayswater North Vic 3153 Australia, Monday-Thursday 6am-2.30pm by appointment only, Closed Friday and weekends.
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Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. Terms and Conditions of trade. 1)  Due to the very custom nature of the work at Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. IT IS  NOT possible to quote on jobs. All work performed at Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. is done on a ‘Do and Charge’ basis. 2)  All estimates are just that - estimates. With over 20 years experience, we aim to provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible, as it is all custom work, often unforeseen issues appear and change the scope or outcome of a particular job. 3)  All work performed at Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. is timed via stopwatch in order to accurately track the time spent on each job. The time logged for each job is charged out to that job specifically. You WILL NOT be charged for non-productive time (e.g. phone calls, other customer interruptions, meal breaks, etc…) 4)  All booked in work which is greater than one day (8 hours labour) will be tracked via an Excel spreadsheet documenting labour time and material costs (including consumables). This will have a running total at the top of the spreadsheet which will also include payments received and credit/owing totals. The spreadsheet will be made available to you (the customer) via a Dropbox link free-of-charge. This allows you to see an actively updated progression of works completed and all associated costs. Should you prefer to have a weekly update emailed to you directly, Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. can also accommodate this for an additional administration fee. 5)  If the job looks to be going over the estimated amount, Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. will aim to advise you of the situation. It is recommended that you confirm that you have access to the ‘live’ Excel job sheet and your Dropbox link. This will ensure that the listed work/s that you (the customer) have asked to be performed stay within your means/budget. 6)  If you do have a maximum budget, we recommend that you advise Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. of this prior to us starting ANY work. This will ensure that Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. are able to stay within your budget or notify you in advance if the job looks to exceed your budget. This means you (the customer) will make an ‘up to date’ payment to cover the current costs, take the job from the workshop after payment is made and returning at a later date to continue the work. 7)  All jobs over an estimated $2000+GST will require a 50% or a maximum of $5000+GST deposit to be paid when the job is delivered to the workshop to cover the initial material cost. Work will commence once payment is made. 8)  All jobs progressing longer than one week require a weekly progress payment (invoiced each Friday). Additional invoices/payments will only be required if higher than average materials costs are used for your particular job. 9)  Single invoices will not exceed $5000+GST. Should your account reach and/or exceed $5000+GST sooner than the weekly invoice period (as per above) you will be sent an additional invoice to cover the extra costs. The progress payment will need to be paid and received within seven(7) days (as per stated on every invoice) in order to keep the listed work progressing. 10)  ALL vehicles, parts (both fitted or delivered separately), other materials and/or items which are left at Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. will be looked after with as much care as possible. However, due to the nature of custom fabrication and metal work in general (cutting, grinding, welding, etc...), all items/vehicles left at Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. are done so entirely at the owners/customers risk. Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. and/or Trackart employees WILL NOT be held responsible for ANY loss or damage to any items/goods. 11)  All prices/pricing that is mentioned in ANY form (verbally or written format) will be +GST unless written as to include GST. 12)  Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. DOES NOT do ‘cash’ work. Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. is a registered business and is registered with the ATO. Additionally, with employees, Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. must pay/comply with various insurance and tax laws. 13)  As ‘custom’ work is not simple, it often takes time and experience to produce a quality job, especially in the motorsport industry where safety is of the highest priority. WE DO NOT CUT CORNERS. The requested job will be done to our highest standard. 14)  Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. sets its hourly rate based on industry standards and awards, as well as costs associated with employing highly skilled individuals. This in turn is reflected in the quality of all things made at Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. 15)  In the event that your particular job requires two employees of Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. to be working at the same time, the hourly rate will be charged per employee. 16)  Under NO circumstances is a customer able to work or help work on their own car inside the premises of Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. Employees are the only individuals covered under our workplace insurance policies. 17)  We ask that any follow up visits to the workshop be kept to a minimum. All progress to your job is updated daily online for you (the customer) to access via Dropbox. Here, you (the customer) can see all photos as they are taken AND the live job sheet showing all hours and associated costs. If there is no update on any one day, then something has happened to prevent us from progressing on the listed works. 18)  We ask that your first point of contact to Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. be via email or our Facebook page/messenger, as the phone is often missed/not heard due to a noisy workplace environment. However, should you choose to call and the phone it not answered, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. 19) All visits to the workshop must be by appointment. This will avoid interruptions, as well as multiple customers waiting at the same time. 20) Roll cages, while priced per bar, are subject to price changes if the vehicle requires additional work in order to make the ROPS CAMS or FIA compliant. 21) Roll cage prices are for the roll cage ONLY, fitted to the car. All and any stripping/removing of any items from the vehicle in order to prep for a roll cage is charged out, in addition to the roll cage fee. 22)  Any and ALL work that is added to a job after the initial booking/commencement of work is subject to an additional 30% labour rate increase. This is due to - -being able to keep the workshop running on time due to a 3-6 month booking lead time and ensuring Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. can complete all jobs on time. -Employees having to do overtime in order to have your job finished inside the allocated time frame. This in turn raises company costs, insurance, taxes, as well as wage penalty rates and general overheads. 23)  Any URGENT work which is not booked in, WILL incur an additional 30% fee on all labour due to the extra hours required by Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd and its employees to keep booked work progressing on time. 24)  Hourly rates are as follows- Labour  @ $110.00+GST per hour Additional work/overtime @143.00+GST per hour 25)  All completed jobs MUST be collected within seven(7) days of completion, unless prior arrangements have been made. Due to work load, Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. IS NOT in a position to store vehicles and a storage fee WILL be charged @$100+GST per week. If stored off site, towing services to and from storage WILL be added to the final invoice. 26)  FULL PAYMENT IS REQUIRED BEFORE THE COLLECTION OF ANY AND ALL GOODS. 27)  Preferred payment methods: - Bank transfer (details on the bottom of all invoices). - Eftpos (Visa/Mastercard) in person or via telephone. - Cash payment (WILL include GST, and change IS NOT kept on site). - Bank cheque to Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty. Ltd. - ALL personal cheques must be cleared prior to collection of goods.
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